Chart the Course for 2015

Our vision is to have a healthy, flourishing church, shaped by the gospel. As our hearts are shaped by the good news of Christ, we will experience authentic community, spiritual growth, and a heart for others. Motivated by the love of Christ, such a church will offer good news to the lost; good news to the found; good news for the city; and good news for the world. Such a church will multiply itself as part of a church-planting movement.

As Lake Baldwin Church has grown, we have learned to give legs to this vision in our unique context, with or unique congregation, with our unique opportunities.  We’ve included these strategies below, to help us have a more informed assessment of our progress. With that in mind, please give a letter grade to each of the five categories below. And, please be prepared to share why you gave the church that grade. Finally, make any suggestions you’d like to continue or strengthen our progress.