Rescuing Children from Slavery in Ghana

Guest blog post by Angela Robinson,
LBC Global Missions Team

On December 17th I was able to hear Amy and Greg Justice share about their work with International Justice Mission (IJM) in Ghana, and it will probably be one of the highlights of this Christmas Season for me!  Really, it was that good.  

Many of us have been exposed to IJM's work but this was different because Greg and Amy shared their ‘everyday’ life—Amy being a Fellow with IJM and Greg a volunteer using his business consulting and video production skills. They are on the ground floor of IJM's mission in Ghana to help stop child slavery in the fishing industry and to build relationships with the many local church and community leaders for change to be sustained far beyond IJM's time in Ghana.

Because of their roles in photography and writing along with building community relations, they get to be part of rescue missions, assisting in placing children in safe communities for emotional and professional development and further follow up. Because Ghana has a very strong Christian culture, building relationships with pastors and church members is key for the sustainability of the mission in the long-term.

As many as 21,000 children work in and around Lake Volta (according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index), which is IJM's area of focus.  Children as young as four work long, hard hours, with little food and no opportunity for education.  

Amy and Greg’s team includes a Ghanaian pastor who is very well respected among church and community leaders. Greg also manages the ‘Justice House’ where they live along with 3 other IJM Fellows. 

At the presentation last week, guests were treated to a couple of short videos which really tell the story of what is happening on the lake and how IJM is working with Ghanaian authorities to rescue children from Lake Volta. They have been there one year and have fallen in love with the people and mission (though they have encountered difficulty!) so they committed to another year which will have them leaving Orlando after Christmas to go through D.C. then on to Ghana for 2017! 

Amy and Greg are a truly gifted couple, developed and particularly equipped for the work where God has placed them.

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